Wedding rice cookie box.

In Chinese the word “shi” represent happiness, double “shi” means extra happiness to wish the newly-married couple a very happy marriage. The design was given several awards included the iF Packing Award, Golden Pin, OTOP(one town one product) and Taiwan Visual Design Award.


Custom Design Packaging

creative packaging

Bike Grips & Paddles

A special curve shape and the environmental friendly packaging material are the facts that make it outstanding than others. Was awarded with the famous German Packaging Award 2009.

Industry Pulp Cushion

paper pulp cuahion packaging
paper pulp cushion packaging

A custom tray allowed the components to be organized. As the designer designing the tray, structures are always important. With protective structures, it reduces product damage while shipping.

creative paper pulp packaging

Art & Crafts

creative paper pulp packaging

We think outside the box and fulfill customer’s creative ideas. In this case creative thinking adds extra value to paper. Paper pulp is no longer a boring material for egg carton.  

Agricultural Usage

egg carton
 flower pot paper pulp packaging
flower pot paper pulp packaging


In Chinese custom, Matsu is the God of the sea. It's a 2 pieces product. People contain some firework's pieces for religious belief. 

Phone Stand

It’s a 2 pieces end product. A creative shape for a cell phone stand and a business card holder.

creative paper pulp packaging

There is a standard list for masks. If interested, please feel free to ask. Our masks are high quality products. With smooth surface, customers could easily paint on it.

creative packaging products


Both egg and flower pot are standard products. Using biodegradable material on agricultural usage Minimize the damage to the mother earth.